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If you are a big fan of the NFL, you might be playing fantasy football this fall. You begin your draft and see D/ST. What is D/ST in fantasy football? Here’s everything you need to know.

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D/ST in Fantasy Football

D/ST stands for defense and special teams. In traditional fantasy football leagues, you draft an entire team’s defense and special teams. This defense and special teams fill a starting spot on your roster. The fantasy defense earns points based on its performance on game day.

Points can be earned for sacks, interceptions, not allowing touchdowns, yards allowed, and more.

Drafting a D/ST in Your Fantasy League

As you prep for your fantasy season, you will have to figure out what defense to draft. Fantasy footballers with experience will wait until later rounds to draft a defense. This is because they are less valuable than a star fantasy player. Wide receiver Justin Jefferson or quarterback Patrick Mahomes will put up more consistent numbers for your fantasy team each week.

Another reason to draft a defense late is that there will be options on the waiver wire. Since your league probably has 8-12 teams, there are plenty of defenses that might be sleepers throughout the year. You can scoop them up off the waiver wire for a particular matchup.

Streaming a Defense

One of the more popular options for defense and kickers is to stream throughout the season. This is when you drop and add these positions often throughout the season using the waiver wire. This is a matchup strategy as you figure out what defense might size up against a certain football team.

For example, maybe you think the 49ers pash rush will cause problems against the Dolphins so you start them one week. Then, you decide to pick up the Ravens defense the following week because they are facing the worst offense in the league. Streaming is all about matchups and adjusting your lineup on a per game basis.

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Fantasy Football Defense Points and Scoring

When it comes to fantasy points, some leagues might differ in their scoring system for defense. Here’s an example of a common scoring format for defense and special teams.

Blocked Kick: 2 points

Forced Fumble: 1 point

Fumble Recovery: 1 point

Interception: 2 points

Sack: 2 points

Safety: 2 points

0 Points Allowed: 10 points

1-6 Points Allowed: 8 points

7-13 Points Allowed: 6 points

14-20 Points Allowed: 2 points

21-27 Points Allowed: 1 point

28-34 Points Allowed: 0 points

35-41 Points Allowed: -2 points

42 or More Points Allowed: -4 points

Team Fantasy Defense vs IDP

While most leagues will have the entire team defense fill the position in fantasy football, there are leagues where you can draft individual defensive players. These leagues have different scoring systems where individual players earn points based on their performance.

An IDP league changes up your draft strategy and how you manage your starting lineup over the course of the season.

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What is D/ST in Fantasy Football FAQs

What does D/ST mean in fantasy football?

DST in fantasy football stands for defense and special teams. You draft an entire team’s defense in your draft like the Steelers, Patriots, Jets, etc. Then the entire defense contributes to defensive scoring and the fantasy points your earn during the football game.

Do I draft individual defensive players in fantasy football?

In a traditional league, you draft an entire defense and special teams. However, there are some leagues where you can start individual defensive players which requires a completely different strategy.

How does a defense earn fantasy points?

A defense or special teams can earn points for defensive touchdowns, sacks, interceptions, and more. Fantasy scoring for your fantasy football defense might vary based on your league scoring rules.

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