The "Butterfly Cut" Is TikTok's Favorite Throwback Hair Look (2024)

If you're doing your dailyTikTok scroll and come across a creator with ridiculously bouncy layers, chances are high that they have a butterfly cut. "More and more clients are asking for a butterfly haircut, and they're all learning about it on TikTok," saysDrea Dettmers, a hairstylist atTallulah East Collective in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Like most “trends” circulating the internet, the style isn't new. HairstylistSunnie Brook, coined the cut 15 years ago when she had an influx of clients wanting to switch up their hairstyle without chopping off all their length. “The name 'Butterfly' embodies transformation,” says Brook.

If you look back to'90s glam — with Rachel fromFriends as the prime example — you’ll see the face-framing, voluminous layers that make the butterfly cut what it is, saysTeryn Tucker, a hairstylist atAlchemy Salon in Orlando, Florida. While the cut takes inspiration from shaggy ‘70s and ’90s haircuts, influencers like Matilda Djerf and celebrities likeSydney Sweeny andKaia Gerber have brought the style back into the spotlight.

Below, experts share everything you need to know about the butterfly cut and why it might be time to book your next appointment at the salon.

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What is a butterfly cut?

A butterfly cut (also known as an octopus haircut) is a haircut that falls between a shag and long layers.What makes this style different from every other layered cut is that the butterfly cut has two distinct sections: long layers that fall below the shoulders for length, and short layers that hit two to three inches below the chin to frame the face and add volume. “It allows for an illusion of short hair while maintaining length, offering a safe space for change,” says Brook.

The "Butterfly Cut" Is TikTok's Favorite Throwback Hair Look (2024)


What does the butterfly haircut do for your hair? ›

A butterfly haircut combines short layers with long layers to give your hair dimension, movement, and body. The short, wispy layers hit around the chin to frame your face, highlight your features, and even contour a round face shape.

Why is the butterfly haircut so popular? ›

Volume and Texture:

The layered nature of the butterfly haircut adds natural volume and texture to the hair, giving it body and movement. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals with fine or flat hair, as the hairstyle adds dimension and fullness.

Does the butterfly haircut look good on everyone? ›

While the cut can be tailored to any hair type, Brook says it looks best on those with natural texture.

What face shape is a butterfly haircut? ›

The butterfly haircut is typically more flattering on oval and round faces due to its layers accentuating cheekbones and softening angles. But that doesn't mean there isn't a way to make it work on any face shape.

Is butterfly cut good for thin hair? ›

The layers and feathered ends add movement, texture, and volume to all hair types, providing a fresh and stylish look. However, this cut might not be the best-suiting hairstyle for thin hair as it might make it look more scanty, and thus, face-framing bangs and layers might help in a fake-volume appearance.

Who suits a butterfly cut? ›

The butterfly haircut works with all hair types, though natural, curly and wavy textures tend to work best due to the defined, layered nature of the style. However, when it comes to thin hair, you might want to steer away from this cut.

What haircut is best for thin hair? ›

Frequently Asked Questions. Which short haircut is best for thin hair? There's no one right answer, but many stylists recommend a blunt bob to make the ends look thick and full. A lightly layered pixie, bob, or shoulder cut can also add volume to thin hair.

How much does a butterfly haircut cost? ›

✨ Butterfly Haircut only at ₹599 ✨ Call Now for Appointments. ☎️ 7224080808 for Lanka. ☎️ 8935000555 for Maldahiya.

How to ask hairdresser for butterfly haircut? ›

  1. Whispy bangs (or curtain bangs)
  2. Heavy face frame (usually, you'd like your bang to not be far from the start of your face frame, so there's not a big disconnect. everything flows together!)
  3. medium bouncy layers.
Apr 23, 2023

Which face cut is most attractive? ›

Oval: Your face is often longer than wide, with the forehead standing out as the largest area of your face. According to Papanikolas, this form is typically regarded as the most attractive facial shape.

What celebrities have the butterfly haircut? ›

While the cut takes inspiration from shaggy '70s and '90s haircuts, influencers like Matilda Djerf and celebrities like Sydney Sweeny and Kaia Gerber have brought the style back into the spotlight.

Which is better, butterfly cut or layer cut? ›

Because of multiple variances in the layers, a butterfly haircut gives the volume of a short haircut but it doesn't mean you will have to sacrifice your hair length. Instead, the butterfly haircut removes weight and damaged hair ends, leaving your hair voluminous and bouncy that's able to hold its shape.

What are butterfly hair clips used for? ›

Butterfly clips are used as a functional way to pull hair back and as a general accessory for some added fun.

Which haircut gives volume to long hair? ›

Deep Side Part. A deep side part helps even longer locks deliver plenty of volume. As hair falls to the other side, hair is naturally volumized from the roots.

What is the difference between butterfly haircut and curtain bangs? ›

"The curtain cut brings the focus to the front, with attention given to the middle-parted bangs which blend into face-framing layers," he says. Highlighting the difference even further, Mikic adds, "Layers in a butterfly cut also turn away from the face rather than framing the face.

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